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Viewing Lyrics for Lies:

Artist:Bobo Dj
Taken from the album Level 6 by Bobo Dj
Album:Level 6
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
Lies, lies, don't tell me lies
Before you talk to me, you better think twice
Lies, lies, don't tell me lies
I lost my heart but you are cold as ice

Rap 1:
Lies - nothing bad for you
Just another pair of shoes you gonna get through
To - get a better plan any kind of man will do,
To satisfy you, that's true
Like slow poison - you captured my mind
Thank god, I was right in time
To get another sign, my tape does not rewind
You're the lesson I've learned, I'm just a little burned

Verse 1:
I'd stop the rain from falling if you asked me to
I'd take the stars out of the sky to be close to you
We're aiming for the best in life, but you had to learn
That lies are not the answer all you got was a burn

Rap 2:
Our love - was a prime temptation
I thougth I could trust you - in every situation
A combination of you and me
Emergency - your love took all my energy
Reality was quick a trick and you're lies
Came fast - In the past two years, your tears
We're running like a waterfall, but I was your playball
Don't call - your love is like a free fall

Verse 2:
You gave me just a taste of love, you took my breath away
I know you've got the power, babe, so why cant you stay
My heart is full of passion, I'd show it to you
But how could you deceive me, babe, and make me feel blue

I don't wanna hear your lies
The dream is over
When I look into your eyes
I can see the truth
I don't wanna hear your lies
The dream was over in time
You'll never be mine
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