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Random Lyrics for Minimum Resistance:

Artist:All Living Fear
No album artwork found
Track:Minimum Resistance
Date Added:24/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
Lyrics:a hopeless situation, think before you state your views.
constraint on self expression, on freedom of speach,
and a right to the truth.
step into the future with laws from the past.
persecution and suppression on the publics right to life.
freedom of speach, yes, but for the biggoted minority.
the ones who think they're paragons,
dictators of authority.

minimum resistance,
but enough to make your point.
no need for violent outbreaks,
or to tear up all the joint.
actions may speak louder,
than the words you want to say.
all that children learn,
when buildings burn,
is violence doesn't pay.

people on the streets, trying so hard, just to get by.
their anger silhouetted neath the glow of the evening sky.
a neighbourhood, too quik to fall,
with residential march.
as police infringe on the voter's rights,
the politicians laugh.

again, once more the actions of the few,
have cost the rest of us dear.
so now if we fight,
we have to scribe, black on white.
leaving our mark to defend.
a petitioned written word,
the only way to be heard.
the injustice of it all takes it's toll.
for those we put in power,
are found wanton come the hour,
the white papers take control.
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